Dr. David Martin’s EU 2.0 Talk - 13 September 2023: The most important video you have seen in three years
Keywords: David Martin, EU Parliament source
Dr. Kevin Stillwagon: Myocarditis caused by 2nd shot, not 1st (and much more). This is an incredible presentation of how the immune system works and will truly inspire you!
Keywords: Kevin Stillwagon, Myocarditis, RNA, lipid nanoparticle source
VAERS CV-19 RESULTS (2022-Aug-29): Records where a death was reported: 94,075!
Keywords: VAERS, DEATH, Statistics, COVID19 source
Want some difficult truth? Then listen to Dr. Paul Alexander.
Keywords: difficult truth, Pandemic, Paul Alexander source
Registered Nurse Nicole Sirotek shares what she saw on the front lines in NYC
Keywords: Nicole Sirotek, Ron Johnson, NYC, RN source
Pfizer can’t hide this ANYMORE | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris
Keywords: Clayton Morris, Natali Morris, Redacted, Pfizer source
Overwhelming Evidence of Vaccine Injuries
Keywords: Ben Armstrong, The New American, Vaccine Injuries, Washington Standard source
Dr. Bryan Ardis - “This is the most evil thing I have ever encountered in my entire life” (“Watch the Water” full movie)
Keywords: Stew Peters, Bryan Ardis, Watch the Water, Remdesivir source
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – NWO, The Real Agenda, VAIDS & How to Battle What is Coming
Keywords: Vladimir Zelenko, Maria Zeee, NWO, VAIDS source
Slow Acting Lethal Poison In ‘Vaccinated’ People – Dr. Ben Marble With Maria Zeee
Keywords: Ben Marble, Maria Zeee, My Free Doctor, Zev Zelenko source
33-Years Retired Canadian Police Officer Tells Police Stand Down Unlawful Orders!
Keywords: Ed Grenier, Ottawa, Convoy, Truckers, Police, OPP, Stand Down source
Keywords: Canada, Convoy, Truckers, Freedom source
Heartless CBC Producing Entrapment Hit-Pieces on Truckers
Keywords: cbc, freedom convoy, fake news, Trucker Protest, Truckers, Ottawa, Canada, Kristen Nagle source
Retired Canadian Police Blows Whistle on Gov’t Abuse at Trucker Protest
Keywords: Canada, Police, Government Abuse, Trucker Protest, Trucker Convoy, Truckers source
Canada Convoy: US REPORT: “What’s Going on with the Truckers?”
Keywords: Leigh Dundas, Truckers, Protest, Mandates, Daily Dose, Redpill Project source
Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “When The Penny Starts to Drop, The General Public Are Going to Be Revolted”
Keywords: Great Barrington Declaration, Gig, Lies, RogerHodkinson, Penny Drops, Manipulation source
Whistleblower: Hospitals Killing For Organs, “This is Absolutely Evil And A Crime Against Humanity!”
Keywords: murder, killing for organs, crimes against humanity, stew peters, california, hospital, RN, Nurse source
Computer Chips (said Micro-Router) found in Pfizer Vaccine: La Quinta Columna
Keywords: Computer Chips, Micro Router, Pfizer Vaccine source
“The Facts are on the Table and the Facts are Damning!” Unequivocal proof of pre-meditated murder using mRNA technology — designed to primarily attack the human heart by the bodies own killer T cells.
Keywords: Dr Bhakdi, pre-meditated murder, mRNA technology, killer T cells source
La Quinta Columna Bombshell: 5G, Graphene Oxide, Nano Tech “all vaxed send their data to an external server”
Keywords: La Quinta Columna, Bombshell, 5G, Graphene Oxide, Nano Technology, Server source
What got Dr. Malone suspended from Twitter? He told the truth--as conceded by the government in a case brought by www.DefendingTheRepublic.org.
Keywords: Robert Malone, Banned, Twitter source
Update from Israel - Efrat Fenigson - Dec. 16th 2021 (Vaccinated and unvaccinated rate)
Keywords: Update from Israel, Efrat Fenigson, Vaccinated and unvaccinated rate source
Report Claims Covid Test Swabs Packed With Dangerous Hydrogel and Lithium — Tim Truth
Keywords: Covid Test Swabs, Hydrogel, Lithium, Tim Truth source
Senior Employment Lawyer Anna De Buisseret talks about the current situation in the UK with respect to the UK PM’s recent comments on mandatory medical treatment, experimental injections, employment law, and more.
Keywords: Unfair Dissmisal, NoJabNoJob, Employment Law, Employment Law UK, Common Law, Informed Consent source
In Germany, children are forced to “go in front of the class and state their vaxx status, those who are vaxxed are applauded, those who are not have to explain why they are not.”
Keywords: Germany, Children, School source
Worldwide Massive Protests! Where was the Mainstream Media?
Keywords: Worldwide, Protests, Mainstream Media source
I found out the very hard way that this is not about our health!
Keywords: Exemption, Health, Doctor, Myocarditis source
Urgent Update from funeral director John O’Looney
Keywords: funeral director, John OLooney, Heart attack, Stroke, Aneurism source
Russian Roulette! Sometimes Lethal Jab Being Pushed on Public in Violation of Nuremberg Code Section 3: No Government can Mandate or Force Medical Treatment
Keywords: Russian Roulette, Lethal Jab, Nuremberg Code source
Stillbirths Exploding Across Canada in Fully Vaccinated Mothers
Keywords: Stillbirths, Stillborn, Canada, Hospital, Bioweapon, Dr Daniel Nagase, Vancouver, Waterloo source
Vaxxed Priest “Sudden Death” on Live Stream: Still want that vax?
Keywords: Priest, Sudden Death, Live Stream, Livestream, Roman Catholic source
DNA from PCR testing being stored “potentially indefinitely”
Keywords: Julia Hartley-Brewer, Madeleine Stone, DNA, Privacy source
Dr. Judy Mikovitis gives update on Covid vaccine antidotes to detox the body
Keywords: Ann Vandersteel, Judy Mikovitis, Detox, HIV, XMRV, SARS source
Dr. David Martin: “We are on the precipice of the mass murder of 5-11 year olds”
Keywords: David Martin, children, murder, genocide source
Trudeau’s Personal Sniper Leaves Position Over Vaccine Mandate
Keywords: Justin Trudeau, Sniper, Daniel Bulford, Vaccine Mandate, The Democracy Fund, Danny Bulford, Corporal source
Kyle Warner, a 29-year-old professional mountain bike racer, developed pericarditis, POTS and reactive arthritis following his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shot
Keywords: Biker, Pro Athlete, Kyle Warner, pericarditis, POTS, reactive arthritis, Pfizer source
Del Bigtree: Despite Lack of Data, FDA Panel OK’s Covid Shot for Kids
Keywords: Del Bigtree, FDA, VRBPAC, Covid19Vaccine source
Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes: “Were you properly informed about what is going on?”
Keywords: Cristian Terhes, MEP, European Parliament, Press Conference, Member of European Parliament source
Israeli Girl Collapses From Pfizer Shot - Bystander Warns Others About What Is Happening
Keywords: Israeli, Israel, Girl, Collapse, Ambulance, Pfizer, Bystander source
Amputated Copy link
Woman allegedly suffers from blood clots after taking the bio weapon, now her leg has allegedly been amputated
Keywords: blood clot, leg, amputated, bio weapon source
Steve Kirsch: 41x under-reporting means 650k+ deaths in US
Keywords: Mercola, Steve Kirsch, study, death and injury reports, 1M Challenge source
Stew Peters: “He’s coming after children”
Keywords: Stew Peters, Jane Ruby, Children, Child Sacrifice, Devil, Halloween source
Australian teenager Cienna Knowles in hospital with blood clots caused by Pfizer jab
Keywords: Cienna Knowles, Australia, Pfizer, lungs, blood clots source
BREAKING: EU Parliamentarians Oppose Vaccine Mandate Agenda!
Keywords: EU, Parliament, Vaccine Mandate, Green Pass, Vaccine Passport source
13-year-old Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine clinical trials.
Keywords: 13 year old, volunteer, Pfizer trial, side effects source
Dr. Ardis: Facts for Associated Press: Remdesivir Causes Acute Kidney Failure
Keywords: Bryan Ardis, Facts for Associated Press, Associated Press, AP, Remdesivir, Remdesivir Causes Acute Kidney Failure, Kidney Failure, Acute Kidney Failure source
Karen Kingston: Patent Proves Vax is Obedience Training Platform
Keywords: Stew Peters, Karen Kingston, Patent, Obedience Training Platform, FINAL VARIANT source
Emergency Broadcast with Dr Bryan Ardis: “The Entire Thing is Evil and These People Need to be Brought to Justice” (Contains Detox Information)
Keywords: Brian Ardis, Detox, hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, The Reveal Report, Reveal Report, TheRevealReport, Remdesivir source
Kieran Morrissey: “There will be mass hysteria like we have never seen before”
Keywords: Kieran Morrissey, Marburg, Bill Gates, Auto-Immune Disease, HPV Vaccine, Gardasil, booster, Lupus SLE, HSE, Dublin, Ireland source
Pfizer Microscopy Analysis, Presented by Dr. Erik Enby
Keywords: Pfizer, Microscopy, Erik Enby source
Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed
Keywords: Carrie Madej, Stew Peters, Vaccine Vials, HORRIFIC source
Dr. Franc Zalewksi: Another Life Form in Covid Vax Vials
Keywords: Creepy, Life Form, Covid Vax, Vials, Dr Zalewksi source
You do not want to miss this video! Information Doctors Have Died For with Dr. Carrie Madej
Keywords: Doctors, Died, Carrie Madej, Flyover Conservatives source
Source Alleges Planned U.S. Destruction of Crops
Keywords: Destruction, Crops, Warning, Food, Famine, Shortage, Survival, Prepping, Preppers, Prep source
Testing the so-called PCR Test Swab: What happens when these swabs are used! (Horrors! Shocking!)
Keywords: Testing, PCR Test, Test Swab, Swab, Cotton, QTip, Plastic source
Never Before Seen: Blood Doctor Reveals HORRIFIC Findings After Examining Vials
Keywords: Zandre Botha, Stew Peters, Blood, Structures, Vials, Horrific, Self-Assembling source
J&J Employee: Jab Has Killed Over 200,000 People
Keywords: Johnson and Johnson, Project Veritas, Employee source
Pfizer Whistleblower LEAKS Execs Emails EXPOSING Suppression of Covid Vax Info From Public
Keywords: Pfizer, Whistleblower, LEAKS, Execs, Emails, Suppression, Covid Vax source
Deborah Conrad on Del Bigtree: Reporting to VAERS “very quickly became a full time job”.
Keywords: Deborah Conrad, Del Bigtree, The Highwire, Interview, Vaccines source
Dr. Ryan Cole - Cancer Patterns In Those Who’ve Been Injected With Covid-19 Vaccines
Keywords: Ryan Cole, Del Bigtree, The Highwire, Interview, Cancer Patterns, Vaccines source
BEWARE! Graphene oxide in the jab causes electric charge, magnetism in the head (this is no joke)
Keywords: La Quinta Columna, Luis Marcelo Martinez, Graphene oxide, electric charge, magnetism source
Dr. Nathan Thompson, MD: My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone’s Immune System After the 2nd Jab
Keywords: Dr Nathan Thompson, Jaw DROPPED, Immune System, 2nd Jab source
A Pathologist’s Summary of What These Jabs Do To The Brain and Other Organs
Keywords: Ryan Cole, Pathologist, Jab, Brain, Organs source
Nurse Whistleblowers Speak Out About Covid-19 Vaccines & ER Status Inside Hospitals
Keywords: Nurse, Whistleblower, Hospital source
How to Avoid Covid Jail: “Stick up for your rights! I’m glad I stuck up for my rights, and now I’m a free man!”
Keywords: quarantine, Common Law, Covid Jail source
Natural Doctor 1600 Patients Speaks Out: What exactly the Covid jabs are doing to the body *** MUST WATCH!!!
Keywords: Natural Doctor, 1600 Patients, Speaks Out, Must Watch source
Dr. Byram Bridle & Canadian Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati Queens Park Toronto Canada: “Many university staff members crying uncontrollably”
Keywords: Byram Bridle, Rocco Galati, Toronto source
Vaccine Injury: 13-Year Old’s Heart Stopped Beating! Please forward to your loved ones immediately!
Keywords: Vaccine Injury, 13 Year Old, Heart Stopped source
Dr Larry Palevsky on Fire in NY: 10S of Thousands if not Millions DYING from this shot!
Keywords: Larry Palevsky, NYC, World Doctors Alliance source
A concerned Alberta parent speaks out.
Keywords: Alberta, Parent, Furious source
A biotech analyst warn, “Stop getting injected. If you’ve been vaccinated, do not get a booster. The injections cause the disease and auto-immune diseases,” and, “Parents are unintionally infecting their children” (via shedding).
Keywords: Stew Peters, Karen Kingston, Pfizer, Booster, Diabolical, Agenda source
ABC News asked, “After the vaccines were available to everyone, did you lose an unvaccinated loved one to Covid-19?” The response was OPPOSITE to what they expected! Thousands responded back saying loves ones died from the VACCINE!
Keywords: Del Bigtree, ABC News, Facebook, Questionnaire, Poll source
This is an epic confrontation between a parent and the school over the issue of masking. “You put us in a corner, and you are getting paid to mask our children!”
Keywords: Parent, School Board, School, Nuremberg, Mask source
Video showing the removal of the vax content within 30 minutes of the jab. Watch how the blood that is removed is coagulated.
Keywords: Blood, Removal, coagulation, Blood Clot, Clotting, Clots source
US Government employed doctor confesses that the US “government doesn’t want” people to know that “that darn vaccine is full of s***!” (Profanity warning.)
Keywords: Project Veritas, HHS Doctor, Maria Gonzales source
Former Policeman Mark Sexton provides an update of the recent meeting in which 16 were in attendance including Prof. Doris Cahill, Lawyer Anna De Buisseret, Funeral Director John O’Looney, Lawyer Philip Highland, Dr. Sam White, and Dr. Tess Lawrie.
Keywords: Mark Sexton, Doris Cahill, Anna De Buisseret, John OLooney, Philip Highland, Sam White, Tess Lawrie source
This is a 13-day timelines showing how an otherwise perfectly healthy baby, who has been vaccinated, succumbs on the 13th day. It is not known if the baby survived.
Keywords: Timeline, Baby, Hospital, 13 Day, Save Our Children, Damage, Vaccine source
Side effects of the vaccine are NOT being reported at this hospital, says the government paid doctor. The informant, a nurse, says, “This is evil at the highest level.”
Keywords: Project Veritas, Whistleblower, James OKeefe, Evil, Government, Myocarditis, Maria Gonzales source
Do you want to get involved calling cities to account? Stew Peters has a way that you can help.
Keywords: Stew Peters, Milwaukee, VAERS, Side Effects source
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi’s message is urgent and dire. This is a public rebuke especially towards Britain and Boris Johnson. He holds nothing back!
Keywords: Sucharit Bhakdi, Urgent, Catastrophe source
The D-Dimer test is a means of determining whether or not blood clotting is occurring. Dr Charles Hoffe found that within 1 week of the vaccination, that 62% of his patients were experiencing detectable blood clotting and indicated that “people with pulmonary artery hypertension usually die of right sided heart failure within 3 years.”
Keywords: Charles Hoffe, mRNA, D-Dimer Test source
Funeral Director John O’Looney says that Covid was used as a “cover” for the real cause of death of thousands of people in elderly care homes, who were given Midazolam in the midst of the ‘outbreak’. “I suspect THOUSANDS of people were killed — euthanised — in these care homes using Midazolam ... every death possible was labelled as a covid death.”
Keywords: Funeral Director, John OLooney, midazolam source
Dr. Bryan Ardis exposes a horror being perpetrated in hospitals: “They set this up so they could murder people and convince you people were dying of Covid-19. They didn’t die of Covid-19. They actually died from Remdesivir poisoning causing acute kidney failure.”
Keywords: Bryan Ardis, Anthony Fauci, Remdesivir Genocide source
A California physician resigns saying that she cannot comply with the health orders, which are preventing every day citizens who choose not to be vaccinated, from receiving health care.
Keywords: Physician, Resigns, Hypocratic Oath
According to this man, doctors are using Ivermectin on the Vaxxed in Australian hospitals to make it appear like the jab works. He says that for the unvaxxed, they put them on a ventilator and let them suffer.
Keywords: Australia, Ivermectin, Ventilators source
Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals the “death protocol” used by hospitals to treat Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. It’s killing people, not saving them!
Keywords: Bryan Ardis, death protocol, Jeff Peterson source
Stew Peters speaks to health care workers. If you want to come forward, do so -- but you will need to be willing to go public.
Keywords: Stew Peters, Message, Health Care Workers source
This Portuguese judge scolds the police, saying that he has higher legal standing than they have, telling them not to abuse people! This man is a champion! How many judges would do likewise?
Keywords: Portugal, Judge, Police source
Australian MDs are being threatened and coerced. The situation is dire. Please pray!
Keywords: Australia, Doctors, Coercion, Forced Vaccination, Government source
This ~20 year old boy has a message. He wishes someone would have told him about the potential side effects of receiving the vaccine. It is a very worthwhile message to share with your friends.
Keywords: 20 Year Old, Regret, Myocarditis, Alert, Help, Speak Up source
Dr. Bryan Ardis provides compelling evidence of wrongdoing. He also says that some girls as young as 2 who have been close to recently vaccinated people are experiencing the effects of “shedding” or “transmission” of the vaccine onto them are menstruating blood clots.
Keywords: Bryan Ardis, Reiner Fuellmich, blood clots, Menstruating source
Eva Herzig is one of Austria’s most famous actresses. She is now removing her children from the school system because she does not want her children (like herself) to be vaccinated.
Keywords: Austria, Actress, Eva Herzig, Children, School source
The UK itself cannot hide the fact that many people are being seriously damaged by the “vaccine”. They have now entered into the 2nd reading of the UK “Vaccine Damage Bill”.
Keywords: Vaccine Damage Bill, Sir Christopher Chope, UK Government, UK source
This Australian Pilot is speaking out! He’s very upset at the recent measures, and said, “Read the book of Revelation, because that’s where we’re headed!
Keywords: Qantas, pilot, Graham Hood, Australia source
Brazilian President Disses Pfizer
Keywords: Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, Pfizer, Brazil, Brazilian, President source
Pfizer was already fined $1.195 Billion in the past for abuses, and they covered it up by “burying the evidence” under another company name.
Keywords: Pfizer, Fine, Legal, CNN source
Ethics Prof Blows Lid Off University of Western Ontario Firing Squad
Keywords: Julie Ponesse, University of Western Ontario, Ethics Professor source
Dr. Ardis with a DIRE Warning! The CDC Knows Children will be Damaged by Flu Shots/Vaccines
Keywords: Polio, Flu Shot, CDC, Dr Bryan Ardis, FDA, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Acute Flaccid Myelitis, AFM, GBS source
Woman Gets It Copy link
Woman Gets It
Keywords: Woman, Baby, UK, Protest source
Toronto Nurses Walk Off Their Jobs in Protest Against Vaccine Passports
Keywords: Toronto, Protest, Passports, Walk Out source
Is Breathing Through a Mask Safe?
Keywords: Safety, Breathe, Breathing, Safe, Mask, Lesson, Air source
Stew Peters: People Being Bought & Paid For
Keywords: Stew Peters, Bought, Paid source
PCR Test Inventor REFUTES Anthony Fauci!
Keywords: Fauci, Fraud, Karry Mullis, PCR, PCR Test source
Nurse: Covid ward closed since end of May (> 3 months)
Keywords: Covid ward, hospital, closed, France, Montélimar source
Student: “How Am I Killing People?”
Keywords: UK, Government, Interview, 1984, Law, Emergency source
What’s Happening In Australia?
Keywords: Death, ADE, Antibody Dependant Enhancement source
Deaths Expected. Here’s Why.
Keywords: Death, ADE, Antibody Dependant Enhancement source
BBC Radio Personality Vaccine Death
Keywords: Lisa Shaw, BBC, Astra Zeneca, Death source
Vaccine Flip Flop!
Keywords: Flip Flop, Government, Trump, Cuomo source
This girl has something to show you. In a follow up video (not shown here), she says she had an entire blood transfusion because of the effects of the vaccine on her blood. “Many have this blood problem after vaccination and no doctor can help them, they are not even allowed to talk about it.”
Keywords: Blood Vessels, Blood Clot, Clot Shot source
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “Worse Than ... 3rd Reich”
Keywords: Reiner Fuellmich, 3rd Reich, crimes against humanity source
Gagged RN Daughter Speaks Out!
Keywords: Gagged, RN, Daughter source
The Greatest Psy-op Ever Implemented
Keywords: Greatest, Psy-op, Covidian, Cult source
Malone shocker: MSM lying about FDA approval
Keywords: Malone, MSM, lying, FDA, FDA approval, mRNA, Robert Malone source
French Citizens Boycott Vaccine Passports
Keywords: French, Boycott, Passports, Vaccine Passports, France source
Vax Pass Includes What?!!!
Keywords: Vax Pass, Vaccine Passport, Passport, Spying, New World Order source
Lack of Perception of Reality ... Floating
Keywords: Perception, Reality, Floating, Moderna, La Quinta Columna, Orwell City source
Radical Confrontations In Australia!
Keywords: Police, Arrests, Australia source
Dr. Ryan Cole: “The Spike Protein Is The Toxin”
Keywords: Ryan Cole, Spike Protein, Toxin, White Coat Summit source
The government official at the left admits that cases of the flu are practically non-existent in the face of Covid. How can this be? The flu has been misdiagnosed as Covid in order to boost the number of so-called Covid cases, in order to heighten fear, in order to pressure people into taking the vaccine.
Keywords: PCR Test, Flu, Australia source
Get Ready It’s Coming
Keywords: agenda, Prepare, Dees Inspiration Station source
Do Not Defile Your Body!
Keywords: Body, Temple of the Holy Spirit, Defile source
We are all being played: Dr Scott Jensen
Keywords: Dr Scott Jensen, cancel culture, PCR testing, Facebook, Associated Press source
They Made It Legal To Snake Bite Your Children Behind Your Back!!!?
Keywords: Children, Legal, Snake Bite source
Doctors Reveal Findings, Examined Blood of Inoculated Patients
Keywords: Dr Jane Ruby, Stew Peters, Stew Peters Show, Germany, Red Blood Cell Damage source
In a 1995 video, theology professor Pierre Gilbert warned that a coming vaccine would use magnetism to control people. Are we there yet?
Keywords: Pierre Gilbert, Mandatory Vaccine, electromagnetic fields, brain, Magnetism, 1995 source
Dangerous Effects of Vax Aluminum Nanoparticles in the Brain: Dr Larry Pavlesky
Keywords: Aluminum Nanoparticles, Brain, Vaccine, Vaccines, Damage, Nanoparticles, Nano particles, Nano-particles, Aluminum, Autism, Covid-19, Covid, Coronavirus, Testimony, Larry Pavlesky, Northport Wellness center, Pediatrician, Pediatrics, Public Health Committee, Health Committee source
Israeli Dr. Kobi Haviv: 85-90% of Hospitalized are “Fully Vaccinated”
Keywords: Israel, Hospitalized, Fully Vaccinated source
Brit’s Incredible Story of SUFFERING! (Thanks, Moderna)
Keywords: Incredible, suffering, Moderna
Fmr Gov Official: Vaccine Passports “literally” Slavery System
Keywords: Vaccine Passports, slavery, Former Federal Housing Commissioner, Catherine Austin Fits, Del BigTree, HighWire source
Oxford PhD to School Board: Millions Have Died!
Keywords: Shawn Brooks, Robert Malone, Millions have died source
Breaking! PC MPP defies Doug Ford, says he won’t get vaccinated
Keywords: MPP, Rick Nicholls, Doug Ford, Ultimatum, Vaccinated source
France: Let us in!
Keywords: France, supermarkets, passports source
Nobel Nominee: Covid-19 is a Bioweapon and Psy-Op
Keywords: Zev Zelenko, Genocide, Globalists, God, pathologic pathogenic fear, consciousness, bioweapon, test, pressure, job, fear source
Young Vaccine Victims Compilation (34, ages 16+)
Keywords: Dead, Vaccine, Victims, Vaccine Victims Compilation source
John MacArthur: Don’t Be Kidnapped By Lies
Keywords: John MacArthur, Lies, Covid, Grace Community Church, Christ source
Man: “I wish 100% I had never gotten this vaccine”
Keywords: Stand your ground, side effects, problems, big lie source
This carriage is for vaccinated people only!
Keywords: UK, Covid Marshall, Tube, London, Carriage source
Prepare for the death wave!
Keywords: Death Wave, Body Bags, UK, covid death, excess death situation source
Physician Assistant Epic Testimony
Keywords: Physician Assistant, Epic, Testimony source
Man found dead a week after second dose
Keywords: Dead, Vaccine, Dose source
According to VAERS (the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System), more than 30K have died from the Covid-19 vaccine — and this may only be 1% of the actual number! Reiner Fuellmich, German prosecuting lawyer, puts the number at 500,000 dead from the vaccine — and counting.
Keywords: Reiner Fuellmich, Freedom Rally, London, Rally, Vaccine Deaths source
Did you know that Sars Cov-2 has never actually been purified and isolated? Patrick King subpoenaed Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer, and asked her to provide proof that Sars Cov-2 even existed — and she could not! Case dismissed!
Keywords: Patrick King, Stew Peters, Alberta, Canada, father, Freedom Fighter, Government, Court, Fight, Battle, Quarantine source
The Truth About Vaccines Part 2: Ingredients. Effectiveness. What about polio?
Keywords: Truth about vaccines, Documentary, Robert F Kennedy Jr source
The Truth About Vaccines, Part 1: Robert F Kennedy Jr, Smallpox
Keywords: Vaccines, Documentary, Robert F Kennedy Jr source
Dr Ezike of Illinois confirms that irrespective of the actual cause of death, if the person had been diagnosed as having had Covid at the time of death, it is labeled a Covid death. Covid deception openly admitted!
Keywords: Illinois, Covid, Deception, Admitted, Dr Ezike source
PCR Test Class 1 Recall: FDA Says Innova PCR Tests Are Dangerous & Inaccurate (Massively Used)
Keywords: Class 1 Recall, PCR, Innova, Dangerous & Inaccurate source
How To Say No To Vaccinations and Smart Meters
Keywords: Opt Out, Say No, Vaccinations, Smart Meters, Opt-Out, spying, transmitting, utility, FreedomTaker.com source
DEADLY SHOTS! Former Pfizer Employee Confirms Poison in COVID ‘Vaccine’
Keywords: Deadly, Shots, Pfizer source
Nurse Blows Whistle!
Keywords: Staged, Crisis, Nurse, Hospital, Covid source
Aussie Lawyer Reports Covid Crimes to Police
Keywords: Australia, Aussie, Lawyer, Police source
Casualities of Covid Vaccine Experimentation
Keywords: Killed, Vaccine, Covid source
RN Exposes Vaccine Injury Coverup: “I’ve never seen anything like this”
Keywords: Coverup, Injury, Nurse, Paraseizures, Gastroparesis, Blood Clots, diabetes, Cardiac, Respiratory, seizures source
San Diego Resident Gives Epic Anti-Lockdown Rant at City Council Meeting
Keywords: Lockdown, Rant, Shaun Frederickson, San Diego County Board, Supervisors, Rant, City Council, propaganda, health officials, Instagram, Fletcher, Wilma Wooten source
Popular German Newspaper Issues Apology on Covid Deception
Keywords: German Newspaper, Apology, BILD, Deception, Axel-Springer, Germany, tabloid, propaganda source
EXPOSED - The Persecution of Canadian Physicians by Organized Medicine During the Pandemic
Keywords: Persecution, Canada, Canadian, Physician, Doctor, Medicine source
Dr. Charles Hoffe: Likely heart failure within 3 years
Keywords: spike protein, Charles Hoffe, messenger rna, cells, blood vessels, cell wall, lipid capsule source
La Quinta Columna: N-Acetylcysteine, precursor of glutathione, reduces and oxidizes graphene oxide
Keywords: La Quinta Columna, Graphene Dioxide, NAC, biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, La Caja de Pandora, cardiovascular-related complications, Orwell City, Detox source
WHO insiders blow the whistle on GAVI
Keywords: GAVI, WHO, Reiner Fuellmich, Viviane Fischer, Silvia Behrendt, Justus Hoffmann, Astrid Stuckelberger, Corona investigative committee source
Dr. Jane Ruby: What are shots doing to your blood?
Keywords: Stew Peters, Jane Ruby, Graphen Oxide, Red Blood Cells source
Expert: Inconvenient Science: Covid-19 Not Particularly Fatal or Contagious
Keywords: Inconvenient Science, Dr. Denis Rancourt, contagion rate, public policy, media, politicians, seasonal change source
Dr. David Martin | Exposing Mass Murder
Keywords: Mass Murder, David Martin, Genocide, Stew Peters source
Blood Clots Caused by Covid-19 Vaccine
Keywords: Vaccine, Blood Clots, Thrombosis source
Plandemic 2 Q&A: Must Watch! Dr David Martin and Dr Judy Mikovits
Keywords: plandemic, David Martin, Judy Mikovits, Indoctornation, Indoctrination, Film Post Screening source
Plandemic 2 (Full Movie): Indoctornation
Keywords: Plandemic, Indoctornation, Movie, Indoctrination source
“INTENTIONAL” COVID AGENDA: To Prepare the World for Mass Vaccination
Keywords: Peter McCullough, Miscarriage, Spontaenous Abortion, Mass Vaccination source
4/5 Pregnant Vaccinated Women LOSING Their Babies?
Keywords: Pregnancy, Babies, Pregnant, Vaccine, Death, Miscarriage source
Keywords: Transhumanism, Carrie Madej, Global Agenda, Vaccine Passport source
Spanish Scientists have discovered the presence of high doses of graphene dioxide in the vaccines causing magnetism & blood clotting. Graphene can be used to produce electromagnetic conductivity in the body — useful if you wanted to turn humans into some type of hi-tech robot.
Keywords: Graphene Oxide, Vaccine, Blood Clots, Magnetism, secret nanotech project, brain source
Dr. Jane Ruby: Actual Contents of Pfizer Vials Exposed
Keywords: Jane Ruby, Pfizer, Poison, Stew Peters, Graphene, mRNA, Poison source
Testimonies of 39-year old & 12-year who received the vaccine
Keywords: testimonial, sideeffects, vaccine source
The Pharmaceuticals (3 minutes)
Keywords: Pharmaceuticals, Indoctornation, Indoctrination, Plandemic source
David Martin: This is a Bioweapon Designed to KILL Us!
Keywords: Bioweapon, Plandemic, David Martin, Judy Mikovits, Post Screen source
Vaccine Diabolical Agenda (666)
Keywords: MOB, Mark of the beast, 666, Prophecy source
4 British Airways Pilots Dead in 1 Week
Keywords: British Airways, Pilots, Dead, Blood Clots, Death, careers, jobs, air, travelers, Stew Peters, Dr Jane Ruby source
Dr. Peter McCullough w/ Reiner Fuellmich: This is Bioterrorism
Keywords: Bioterrorism, Reiner Fuellmich, Peter McCullough, Corona Committee source
Dr. Roger Hodkinson: “This is a Matter of Supreme Urgency!”
Keywords: Roger Hodkinson, Urgent, Negligence, Malpractice source
Woman: “This isn’t a drill! ... This is attempted murder! ... Lives are being lost!”
Keywords: Side Effects, Drill, UK, Death, Yellow Card source
EXPOSED! Magnetism INTENTIONALLY Added to ‘Vaccine’ to Force mRNA Through Entire Body
Keywords: Magnetism, Magnet, Magnetic, MRNA, Force, Body source
COVID Vaccine Secrets
Keywords: Covid, Vaccine, Secrets, Lies, nanoparticles, mRNA, Children’s Health Defense source
NHS Doc: “Lies ... So Vast ... Impossible to Stomach or Tolerate”
Keywords: Sam White, Doctor, Yellow Card, UK, NHS source
Why was Dr Simone Gold, surrounded and intimidated by an FBI swat team at her home? How could this one woman be such a threat to the US and their plans? Find out the truth about how safe and effective treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were given the smear campaign by the goverment in an attempt to rush an emergency to push the through the vaccine.
Keywords: Simone Gold, Americas Frontline Doctors, Vaccine, America’s Frontline Doctors source
Dr Peter McCullough: “This is far and away the most lethal toxic biologic agent ever injected into a human body”
Keywords: Peter McCullough, early outpatient treatment, toxic biologic agent, mark, marking, weaponized, weapon, virus, toxic, lethal source
Dr. Andrew Wakefield: “This is not a Vax, it is Irreversible Genetic Modification”
Keywords: Vaccine, Side Effects, Damage, mrna, Andrew Wakefield, genetic modification, British, UK source
Nurse: ALL Covid patients on floor double Vaxxed
Keywords: Fraud, Vaccination, Vaccine, Murder, Conspiracy, Medicine, Doctor, Nurse, Hospital, Testimony, Double Vaxed, Denial, unvaccinated source
Dr. Larry Palevsky: What have we really been exposed to?
Keywords: Covid, Larry Palevsky, Side Effects, Vaccine, Virus, Microbiology source
Leading Authority on Vaccines comes Clean on Horrifying Truth Behind Them
Keywords: Abortion, Fetal Cells, Fetus, Stanley Plotkin, Death, Catholic Church source
World Renown Microbiologist: Covid Shots to Decimate World Population
Keywords: Sucharit Bhakdi, Depopulation, Alex Newman, New American, Fox News, German-Thai-American microbiologist, global catastrophe source
Testimony: Many Dying In Israel after Receiving Vaccine
Keywords: Dead, Israel, Side Effects, Mordechai Sones, WordFromYerushalaim source
South African Judge: “I want every corrupt thing to be destroyed!”
Keywords: Corruption, Corrupt, Chief Justice, Justice, South Africa, Judge, Mogoeng Mogoeng, Mogoeng, Vaccine, Covid, Covid-19, 666, Satan, Antichrist, DNA, God, Satanic, Mark of the Beast source
Dr. Stephen Malthouse: No change in ICU deaths over previous year
Keywords: Stephen Malthouse, ICU, Deaths source
Research Scientist: “I’m Really Upset, None of this is Science Based”
Keywords: Denis Rancourt, Bright Light News, Research Scientist source
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Crimes Against Humanity: German Corona Investigation: PCR Pandemic
Keywords: PCR Test, German Corona Investigation, PCR Pandemic, Corona Scandal, Fraud, Tort, Scandal, Reiner Fuellmich, class action lawsuit source
An Italian doctor speaks out (Dr. Roberto Petrella)
Keywords: Roberto Petrella, Vaccine, Doctor source

Dr Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, says, "Knowing what I know from 40 years training & practise in toxicology, biochemistry & pharmacology, to participate in this extraordinary abuse of innocent children in our care can be classified in no other way than MURDER." Read his entire post

50 thousand medical doctors and scientists have "grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies". Find out more

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